Zambian Military Discrimination Case–Round 2

July 14, 2009

After an almost eight week delay, we expect to start the trial of 2 former employees of the Zambian Air Force who were allegedly tested for HIV without their consent and dismissed because of their status. The trial is expected to start tomorrow at 9am at the Livingstone High Court.

For those of you who need a refresher on the case you can get a summary of the issues here.

Also, a few things before the trial starts tomorrow:

1. The judge has provided for the trial to last two days.  Paul Mulenga, the lawyer for the two men still plans to call them, their former colleagues, a medical expert and a psycho-social counselor to testify.

2. As last time, I still do not know who the Attorney-General will be calling to the stand.  But it is worth noting that the main defense the government has provided in their papers thus far is that they did not test the two men for HIV and thus the two men could not have been dismissed due to their HIV status. 

3. One of my goals with blogging from the trial is to provide folks with a window into the courtroom.  Given that, I will try my best to upload photos I have taken of the proceedings (to the extent possible) at the end of each day.

4. Finally, as I mentioned in a post after the initial delay, these men have waited almost 2 years to have their day in court, putting aspects of their lives on hold waiting for this case to go to trial.  Let’s hope that this time there won’t be any delay.


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