Homosexuality against African norms — Anglicans

May 6, 2010

ZAMBIA Anglican Council presiding Bishop Robert Mumbi says homosexuality is against African traditional way of life and Christian values.

Bishop Mumbi said it was the Christian and traditional values that defined Zambia and set it apart from other countries and a lot of work needed to be done in the wake of strong gay rights campaigns and unchristian activities.

He said urbanisation was increasingly challenging the traditional and Christian values of the country and that not many people were standing up to speak against ungodly practices.

“The world is not static and the more urbanised we become, the more secular we shall be,” Bishop Mumbi said.

He said there should also be political awareness, especially to do with certain human rights charters that the Government endorsed, saying some of them actually perpetuated some people championing homosexual activities.

The Church would not compromise on Christian values and it would challenge wrongdoing regardless of whether people were championing human rights or not.

Bishop Mumbi said it was unfortunate that some people were championing gay activities but expressed confidence that no one would openly support homosexual activities.

And the Swedish Government will support various groups of people fighting for their rights including lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, transgender and intersex (LGBTIs).

Ambassador Marie-Andersson de Frutos said in Lusaka that it was important that rights of all people under the universal human rights declaration were respected.

She said judging people based on their sexual orientation was not the best way to treat people who wanted to believe in what they did.

“As a donor country, we offer moral support to such groups of people and we hope countries like Zambia would recognise them and allow them to enjoy their rights,” she said in an interview.

Recently, a number of people including Church organisations and non-governmental organisations have condemned reports that the number of LGBTIs in Zambia is growing and that some donor nations were prepared to fund their programmes.

But the Swedish envoy said her government would not fund gay or lesbian groups directly but would support them morally in their quest to attain human rights.


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