Zimbabwe’s Constitution-Making Process: Politics By Other Means

September 11, 2012

When Rick Abel titled his seminal account of the legal battles waged against the apartheid state in its last decade “Politics by Other Means“, he meant to convey the strategy and tactics employed by human rights lawyers and those they acted for — churches, trade unions, political activists, liberation movements — in their struggle against apartheid. Of course, it isn’t only those seeking freedom and democracy who recognise law’s potential to advance political agendas. Sadly authoritarian forces are equally savvy — borne out currently in the context of Zimbabwe and persuasively illustrated in the analysis by SALC’s Anneke Meerkotter of Zanu-PF’s objectives in the latest round of constitutional politicking. That analysis is available here and here. An indication of its cogency is that Zimbabwe’s Newsday covered the analysis in its headlines of 10 September 2012 and Bulawayo24’s headlines on 12 September 2012.


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