Gay Rights Have No Place in Zambia

May 10, 2010

SOME political parties have said they cannot support and champion the legalisation of homosexuality in Zambia because the practice is unChristian and alien to the nation.
The MMD and United Party for National Development (UPND) said separately in Lusaka yesterday that Zambia was declared a Christian nation and the issue of homosexuality had no room in this society.
But the Patriotic Front (PF) said it had not dealt with the matter because it was concentrating on more important issues.
MMD acting spokesperson Mike Mulongoti said the ruling party could not embrace or support the gay rights because the party was founded on Christian norms.
“Zambia is declared a Christian nation and anything that is unChristian and alien to our society is deemed to be an abomination,” Mr Mulongoti said.
Mr Mulongoti, who is Works and Supply minister said the MMD strongly condemned people championing gay rights.
He said supporting anything that was unChristian was outrageous and the MMD would not want to associate itself with such activities.
Mr Mulongoti said there was no political leader from the ruling party who had associated themselves with championing homosexuality.
UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said his party could not support or talk about the gay rights because it had no room in the country.
Mr Kakoma said the fact that the gay rights were rejected at the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) was an indication that the UPND was not in support of homosexuality.
“The UPND was part of the NCC deliberations that rejected anything to deal with the homosexuality rights. We equally reject these rights,” he said.
PF spokesperson Given Lubinda said his party would not preoccupy itself with less pressing issues because it was currently more concerned with the welfare of the people.
Mr Lubinda said the PF had not even sat to discus the matter because the party wanted to concentrate on how best it would find solutions to pressing needs of serving the families in the country.


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